Slurry valve is specially designed to throttle liquids which contains suspended solids, because of extreme abrasion encounter in slurry control services, materials such as hardened metal alloys or wear resistant rubbers are commonly utilized for these applications.


Aluminum Body / Cast Iron, Pinch Valves having Rubber sleeves are extra heavy with full covering flanges preventing corrosion on body and four reinforced pulling lugs for positive operation. The sleeve is internally completely reinforced. J.D. PINCH valves are having special lock nut device on wheel for standard tightening in closed position, minimizing extra permanent pressure on sleeve, extending the life of sleeve. Lock nut gives sleeve tightening setting.

The sleeve is internally completely reinforced, which withstand against continuous operation. The sleeve is such designed that it will retain complete roundness In full open position giving full flow of pipe line.

Valves are fullway-seatless & glandless, Heavy Duty replacable Elastomere sleeve. Four reinforced pulling lugs give positive & definite results in open & closed position, prevents sleeves from collapse even in vacuum full covered flanges protects from corossion effects. Can be drilled to DIN, Bs 10, Is or any standard.

This valves incorporates all the modified designs based on our vast experience in the field. The valves are of complete sturdy construction to handle various abrassive & corrosive liquids.

Pinch Valve / Slurry Valve
Availability [Size] : DN25 / 25MM / 1" To DN200 / 300MM / 12"
Body & Bonnet : CI / WCB [CS] / CF8 [SS 304] / CF8M [SS 316]
Sleeve : NBR / Nitrile / Neoprene / EPDM / Hypalon / Viton
Top Cover : CI / WCB [CS] / CF8 [SS 304] / CF8M [SS 316]
Top Gland : CI / WCB[CS] / CF8 [SS 304] / CF8M [SS 316]
Bottom Gland : CI / WCB [CS] / CF8 [SS 304] / CF8M [SS 316]
Stem : AISI 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L
Upper Bushing : Gun Metal
Pressure Class : 150#
Operation : Manual / Pneumatic / Electric Actuator
Hand Wheel : Cast Iron / Ductile Iron
Face to Face : ANSI B 16.10
Flange Drilling : ANSI 16.5 / BS 10 Table D / E