Pneumatic Valves

JD Automation series ball valve accepts an actuator or gear box can be bolt directly on the mounting pad (as per ISO 5211) of the valve body. No. extra brackets/couplers are required. The bottom of the actuator is rest on the mounting pad of the valve. There are no external moving parts. The coupler/adapter is less subject to corrosion. An external bracket does not exist to create surfaces that may be untrue. This design alleviates a number of problems mentioned above.

Automation Series Ball Valves known as Direct Mounting Pad Ball Valve, ISO Mounting Pad Ball Valve, ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad Ball Valve, Remote Operated Ball Valve, Pneumatic Operated Ball Valve, Actuator Operated Ball Valve, Fire Safe Ball Valve, Fire Safe Approved Ball Valve, API 607 Fire Safe Design Ball Valve, API 6D Ball Valve, Automatic Ball Valve, Electrical Operated Ball Valve


International Standard : Featuring an ISO 5211 Mounting Pad for direct mounting of Actuators and Gear Box on valve.
Strength of mount between : No brackets that can bend after installation. valve/actuator
Safety : No pinch points
Compactness : Smaller/Shorter package takes up less space in pipe galley. Low Profile.
Actuator/Valve Stem alignment : Shorter distance between valve/actuator allows closer tolerance to minimize torque.
Modular: Simplicity : No confusion as to how bracket bolts to equipment’s or how to install adapter.
Screwed End : ANSI B 1.20.1(BSP/NPT)
Lighter Weight : Package no longer includes bracket and large adapter reduce weight.
Direct valve stem/actuator connection : Less chance for hysterisis. One less connection with no adapter involved.
Maintenance : Often no packing to adjust. Less corrosion in the valve stems Area from atmosphere.
Long Life Performance : Its offer long life, smooth, easy performance without any preserving
Standard Feature : Fire Safe Design, Antistatic Device & Blow-out Proof Stem.