The globe valve is used for throttling flow control. Shut off is accomplished by moving the disc against the flow stream rather than across it as in the case with a gate valve. The globe valve is an excellent valve to use for on-off service, but is highly suited for frequent cycling and control of fluids anywhere in amount or volume between the open and closed positions


This is a valve which entails multiple turns during hand operation. It is basically a linear action valve that has a piston or disk which seats on a single shaped seat or flat.

They are mainly used to control the opening and closing of fluid flow.In the plumbing industry, globe valves are used to tightly seal when fully closed.This controls high pressure fluid streams in pipes. Fluid pressures vary from time to time while flowing. The valves have a stem that is vertically positioned in the body of fluid flow to control the changes in pressure. It has a globe-shaped body that is mainly separated by an inner baffle. It is the baffle which controls the flow and has two parts: ring shaped seat and the flat plug. we offer metal seatings so that the seating stress must not only high ,but also circumstantially uniform to achieve the desired degree of fluid tightness.


  • Body & Bonnet made from high quality casting with liberal sections. The castings are precision machined for high performance
  • Rising Stem & Rising Hand Wheel Construction.
  • Die moulded Graphite (Grafoil) Packing Rings, controlled clearance between stem, gland and bonnet bushing for guaranteed low emissions and also suitable for higher temperature.
  • Deep stuffing box is providing for tightness and maximum long packing life.
  • Swinging Eye Bolts facilitate easy access to the stuffing box.
  • Back seating feature facilitates repacking of the stuffing box on line with the valve in fully open position.
  • Seat Ring Screwed in to the body (Replaceable Type) or integral type.
  • Stellited Disc, Seat Ring & Back Seat can also be offered on special request.
  • Higher Pressure & Higher Size Valves are provided with Thrust Bearings and also with Gear drive arrangements.


  • Angle & Y Type Design Available
  • Parabolic, Regulating, Guided & Soft Seating Disc (Plug) available
  • Extended Bonnet design for low temperature and cryogenic services.
  • Gland Seal Design (Water Seal) With Lantern Ring
  • Non-Rising Hand Wheel on special request
  • Bolted Bonnet / Pressure Seal Bonnet
  • Gear / Pneumatic Cylinder / Electrical Actuator Operated
  • Locking Arrangement
  • With NACE MR 0175
  • Tailor Made Valve


Availability [Size] : DN25 /25MM /1" To DN300 / 300MM / 12"

Globe Valve, OS & Y Type, Rising Stem, Bolted Bonnet
Availability [Size] : DN25 /25MM /1" To DN300 / 300MM / 12"
Body & Bonnet : WCB[CS] / CF8 [SS 304] / CF8M [SS 316] / CF3M [SS 316L] / A 105 / F304 / F316
Seat & Disc : CS + 13% Cr. / CA 15 / AISI 410 / AISI 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L
Stem, Back Seat & Gland : AISI 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L / 410
Gasket : P.T.F.E. / Graphite Asbestos / SPW SS With Graphite Filled
Gland Packing : Grafoil / braided Asbestos / P.T.F.E.
Hand Wheel : S.G. Iron / Ductile Iron
Fasteners : CS / B7 / 2H / SS 304 / SS 316
Pressure Rating : ASA 125# / 150# / 300# / 600# / 800# / 900#/ 1500# / PN6 / PN10 / PN16 / PN40
Operation : Gear Operated / Electrical Actuated
Valve Design : BS 1873 / ANSI B 16.34
Pressure Testing : BS 6755 Part I
Face to Face : ANSI B 16.10 / DIN STD.
Flange Drilling : ANSI 16.5 / BS 10 Table/ DIN / IS STD.
Butt Weld End : ANSI B 16.25
Socket Weld End : ANSI B 16.11
Screwed End : ANSI B 1.20.1 [BSP/NPT]