Three way Ball Valve is available in “L” Port / “T Port to meet the service condition.

Four Way Ball Valves
Four Way Ball Valves Group
Four Way Ball Valves Group


  • L Port
  • T port
  • “LL” [X] Port: It has four ports equally spaced round the valve chamber and the ball has two passages to connect the adjacent ports.It has two flow positions as shown, and usually a central position where all ports are closed.


  • Size: DN25/25mm/One Inch1” To DN300/300mm/ Twenty Four Inch 12”
  • MC: WCB/CF8(SS304)/CF8M(SS316)/CF3(304L)/CF3M(316L)
  • Pre class: 150#/300#/600#/900#
  • Operation: Manual/Pneumatic/Electrical
  • End connection: Flanged End & Screwed End
  • Valve Design: BS5351/ANSI B 16.34/ API 6D
  • Pressure Testing: BS 6755 Part II/API 598/API 6D
  • Fire Safe Testing: BS 6755 Part II API 607/ API 6FA
  • Ends: S/E (Screwed End)[BSP/NPT-F], SW & F/E (Flanged End)

Application of 4 Way Ball Valve

  • Air Dryers
  • CO2 Dryers
  • ELPG Compress


  • Multiple no of valves can be replaced by few no of valves.
  • Reduced Labour & Maintenance cost.
  • Space saving.
  • Flow diversion or Mixing can be more precise.