Duplex Filter Valves

Duplex filter valve system usually consists of two separate strainer connected by means of ball valve with integrated pressure compensation.The system also contains a valve handle placed between the two baskets to divert the flow of liquid to one strainer while the other is being cleaned. On some strainers, the valve will work automatically and the strainer will perform a self-cleaning operation.
It is mainly used for change over purpose while one strainer/receiver is under work.


  • Filtration of Fluid & Gases.
  • Inlet & Outlet Outlet at the same level and in opposite direction. Therefore the filter as such can be installed in existing pipeline.
  • Direct wear protection of downstream components and systems.
  • Continuous operating mode due to duplex filter design.
  • Easy to install.

Industrial Uses

  • Air conditioning system.
  • Food & Pharmaceuticals Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Electric Power Industry.
  • Iron & Steel And Metallurgy Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Pulp & Paper Industry.